Navigating the 2023 GCSE & A level Exam Season Amid Covid Recovery

As exams commence for the majority of GCSE and A-level students in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, assurances are being given that their grades will be safeguarded against Covid-related disruptions.

There are additional provisions in place to support students, although the level of assistance differs across the UK.

The pandemic resulted in a surge in top grades during 2020 and 2021, primarily because grades were determined by teacher assessments rather than exams.

The GCSE & A level exam regulator in England referred to this year as a "return to normality". Contrary to last year, students in England have not received prior topic information likely to be included in their exams. It is anticipated that grades will align with 2019 outcomes.

Nevertheless, some modifications from the previous year are still effective. Exams are more spread out than pre-pandemic times, allowing students more time for rest and study.

GCSE  students will be provided with formulae and equations in certain subjects, and language exams will not include unfamiliar words. Outside England, it is expected that grades will continue to be higher than 2019.

Scottish teenagers have already begun their exams, and certain Covid-introduced changes, like reduced assessments, are still operational.

In Wales and Northern Ireland, numerous students have received advance information about the content of their exam papers.

Vocational technical qualifications, such as BTec courses, continue to be assessed primarily through practical learning, although some exams and assessments have occurred throughout the year.

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