A level Media Studies 

A-level Media Studies

A-level Media Studies


The AQA A-Level Media Studies course (7572) offers a comprehensive and integrated coverage of media theory and practice. It encourages students to develop their critical understanding of the role of the media in society, culture and politics. Students also develop practical skills through the creation of a cross-media production.

The course is structured around four key areas:

1. **Media Language:** This section is about how the media through their forms, codes and conventions communicate meanings.

2. **Media Representation:** This part examines how the media portray events, issues, individuals and social groups.

3. **Media Industries:** Here, students explore how the media industries' processes of production, distribution and circulation affect media forms and platforms.

4. **Media Audiences:** In this section, students learn about how media forms target, reach and address audiences, how audiences interpret and respond to them, and the issues of media influence.

The assessment for the A-Level Media Studies course is divided into two components:

1. **Paper 1: Media Products, Industries and Audiences**

   - Length: 2 hours

   - Weighting: 35% of A-Level

   - Format: A range of questions including multiple choice, short answer, and extended response questions on an unseen media product.

2. **Paper 2: Media Forms and Products in Depth**

   - Length: 2 hours

   - Weighting: 35% of A-Level

   - Format: Three sections with one question in each section, focusing on the in-depth study of media forms: television, magazines and online, social and participatory media.

3. **Non-exam assessment: Cross-Media Production**

   - Weighting: 30% of A-Level

   - Format: Creating a cross-media production in an appropriate form, based on two forms studied during the course.