exams and Chat GPT

Here at Maidenhead Tutorial College as an Cambridge International school.  We reflect on the guidance that the Cambridge International bring out on Ai and tools like chat GPT.  

Which if harnessed correctly have enormous power to improve GCSE and A level learning.  We have published their guidance here .Artificial intelligence and teaching, learning and assessment

At the end of 2022, OpenAI released a conversation based artificial intelligence (AI) tool (or online response generator) – ChatGPT. It was described as the fastest growing technology platform ever, with one million users within five days. 

The tool has seen significant use within the education community, and has drawn both interest and concern, due to its ability to produce human-like responses to instruction, including homework tasks, assignments and coursework.

Since its release, some schools are concerned students may be using online response generators like ChatGPT, to help with written work, or even submitting work produced by these tools in place of their own. Due to online response generator’s ability to produce plausible writing at the level and in the style of school-age learners, we understand teachers are concerned about how to tell when they have been used.

Use of online response generators cannot always be identified by detection tools, which can be unreliable - generating both false negatives and false positives. This can create doubt in teachers’ minds and introduce a sense of mistrust into their relationships with students.

To support teachers, we encourage schools to consider the following guidance:

We understand that AI tools to support teachers are also emerging. These tools can help to create handouts, lesson plans and schemes of work, based on instructions provided by the teacher. Tools like this would not only save time and increase productivity, but also support teachers in the process of scoping and sequencing a learning progression – a critical element of scaffolding learning for students.

Ultimately, we recognise that AI is creating a whole new paradigm in teaching, learning and assessment. Cambridge is developing a strong understanding of how this will evolve, and we are committed to playing a key role in supporting schools as they look to embed these new models into education policy and practice.