Evidence of need for reasonable adjustment

this is paraphrased from the JCQ booklet.

Evidence of need for Reasonable adjustments in GCSE and A level exams. 

The evidence of need will vary depending on the disability and the access arrangement(s) being applied for. Access arrangements online will provide prompts as to the evidence required. However, please see the relevant section(s) of Chapter 5 for full details as to what constitutes the core evidence/evidence of need for each access arrangement. Failure to produce the appropriate evidence of need will lead to the application being rejected. Usually, further evidence of need will be required for a substantial impairment.

The evidence of need required for the following access arrangements, where a candidate has a substantial impairment, can be found in Chapter 5:

section 5.2 – 25% extra time

section 5.3 – extra time of up to 50% (between 26% and 50% extra time)

section 5.7 – scribe/speech recognition technology.