English Iiterature 

The AQA A-Level English Literature course (7711, 7712) offers students an opportunity to study a range of texts from different periods and genres. It encourages the detailed study of literary texts and helps students develop and apply their knowledge of literary analysis and evaluation.

The course typically covers several key areas:

1. **Love Through the Ages:** This section requires the study of three texts: one poetry, one prose, and one Shakespeare play. Students will also respond to unseen poetry as part of the examination.

2. **Texts in Shared Contexts:** Students study three texts based on a particular time period or theme, which could include WW1 and its aftermath or Modern times literature from 1945 to the present day.

3. **Texts Across Time:** In this section, students conduct an independent critical study based on two texts of their own choice. This component is non-examined, allowing students to develop a more profound understanding and a personal engagement with literature.

The assessment for the course is divided into three components:

1. **Paper 1: Love through the Ages (7712/1)**

   - Length: 3 hours

   - Weighting: 40% of A-Level

   - Format: Three essay questions: one on the Shakespeare play, one on the second set text, and one question on unseen poetry.

2. **Paper 2: Texts in Shared Contexts (7712/2)**

   - Length: 2 hours 30 minutes

   - Weighting: 40% of A-Level

   - Format: Three essay questions on the set texts.

3. **Non-exam assessment: Texts Across Time (7712/C)**

   - Weighting: 20% of A-Level

   - Format: One extended essay comparing two texts, along with a bibliography.

Please note, the course structure, assessment methods, and content might have changed after my last update in 2021. Always check the most recent course details from the AQA's official website or your educational institution.