A-level Psychology

AS and A-level Psychology

7181, 7182

The A-Level Psychology course (specifically the AQA specification 7181/7182) is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts, theories, and research in psychology. This understanding should be broad and deep, covering a range of topics across the subject.

This course typically includes:

Assessments for A-Level Psychology generally involve written examinations, with questions ranging from multiple-choice to longer essay-style responses.

Assessed by three exam papers, each contributing to the final grade. Here's a brief overview of the assessments:

Goals of the course: 

Courses derived from these specifications should inspire students to:

Evaluation Objectives: Evaluation objectives (EOs), established by Ofqual, remain consistent across all AS and A-Level Psychology specifications, regardless of the examining body.

Examinations will assess students based on the following evaluation objectives:

EO1: Showcase knowledge and comprehension of scientific concepts, processes, techniques, and procedures.

EO2: Implement knowledge and comprehension of scientific ideas, processes, techniques, and procedures:

EO3: Scrutinize, interpret, and appraise scientific information, ideas, and evidence, including in relation to issues, to: