A-level Physics

AS and A-level Physics

7407, 7408

A-level Physics

The AQA A-level Physics course also requires study of one of the following options:

Each option has its own set of specific topics.

Practical skills are also a crucial part of A-level Physics. The course includes 12 required practical activities, where students learn to use various experimental apparatus, make observations, analyze data, and evaluate results.

Remember that the course requires an understanding of mathematical concepts as well, so a strong background in math will help you succeed in this physics course.

How is A level assessed:

Written Exams

The written papers each make up 34%, 34%, and 32% of the A-level, respectively.

Physics A level Practicals:

There are 12 required practical activities that students need to carry out over the two-year course. These practicals are designed to allow students to develop experimental skills and to understand the link between theory and experiment.

Here's a brief overview of these practicals: