A-level Further Mathematics

A-level Further Mathematics


A level Further Maths

A-level Further Mathematics is an advanced course offered in the UK, designed for students who have a strong interest in mathematics and are considering studying the subject (or related subjects) at university. It's typically taken alongside A-level Mathematics and goes beyond the material covered in the standard A-level Mathematics course.

The AQA Further Mathematics A-level (7367) is structured into both compulsory and optional content. As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, the structure was as follows:

Compulsory Content:

Optional Content:

Students usually choose two of the following options:

The course is assessed through examinations. Typically, students sit exams for each module or unit they study. These exams often involve problem-solving tasks that require deep understanding and application of mathematical concepts.

Studying Further Mathematics can be challenging due to the high level of abstract thinking required and the complexity of the material. However, it can also be incredibly rewarding and beneficial for those who wish to study mathematics or related subjects (like physics or engineering) at a higher level.